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Diana F+
Sunday, April 29, 2012 @ 12:47 PM leave a comment? | 2 shed some light

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First, woah what's with the new blogger design? I don't really understand how to control my layouts and all now haha. School's been busy, typically as usual. I can't wait since it's less than a month for summer<3 which, I'm pretty excited about since I'm going to Korea. weeeee :)

See the picture above? I got a Diana F+ for my birthday. I was actually planning to by the CMYK design but it ran out of stock so I guess I decided to buy the gold limited edition one instead. It's pretty awesome since it's a toy camera and I'm really curious about the effects and all. It's like the art of photography according to me since the photos depends on how you take it. It's pretty good in light, I heard. I've also bought the Instant Back which uses polaroid films to print the photos instead of those old films which are really hard to convert them into photo prints these days. haha, I've took a few polaroids though but I guess I'll post that next time since I've wasted a few polaroid film boxes to figure out how to take a picture using the diana. haha I'm such a fail.

I was thinking that one day when I've collected around a hundred polaroid films with photos, I can make a polaroid wall in my room like this?

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haha I guess I'll have to see about that one day.

That's it for now, got loads of school work to be done. Got 2 essays to be submitted tomorrow, a lab report, a chemistry test to study and chinese essay. Yeah this school has got to be kidding me.

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