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I've been super busy with my essays, lab reports and test these days. Glad all the busyness is almost over. :) I wanna spend my time sleeping and playing my piano.

I feel like a retard for saying that "I will blog" but in the end, I didn't even touch blogger for months.. what is wrong with me. :( I cannot promise to blog anymore, though I really miss blogging and talking to my cyberworld friends. sigh

Anyways, I'm gonna skip school tomorrow due to the horrible demonstration in Indonesia, which is potential to a riot happening. #prayforindonesia. I'm hoping no riot will happen, we do not want another '98 riot to happen again in Indonesia. I'm just hoping that I'll be safe since I'm already not allowed to go anywhere..which sucks but yeah.

So I believe I've not been posting much and I guess I should write as to what happened these past two months. my life has been quite boring so yeah.

I had to teach for the cheerleading competition this year in my school for one of the classes that participated. Every class in certain grades were compulsory to compete each other so yeah. Trust me, it gets frustrating sometimes when they don't listen and just go all mad and stuffs. But in the end, when everything's over, who cares? You're only glad of what you had done.

Then my grade, Grade 9s put up an annual play, Romeo and Juliet. I was one of the music coordinators and the play wasn't that good, as the principal thought in the rehearsal. I'm glad that it improved well enough during the premiere night. Though it was stupid because there was one part when there was a fighting scene and my friend by mistakenly put a bird chirping sound effect and it sounded damn funny! haha :p luckily, many of the audience didn't notice that.

Well, things change. This is a new year, a new beginning. Second semester in grade 9 is typical, I believe, nothing special. Why did I just say that things change then? You see, people come and go. Behind that, there's always a lesson learned. I believe that's what happened to me and ever since then, I want to learn to treat people right, even though I'll go super stubborn and impatient at times and all I can do is argue. That's what I regret eventually, and in the end, I want to treat them right.

And all I can do after that is start something new.

I've grown up. My birthday has passed a week ago and I thank God that I'm still here today, fourteen and living a life. I want to be happy and make the best out of it. ♥

Weeee, that's it for now :) toodles.

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